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Unfortunately we don't have our swimming pool operational this season. We are undergoing extensive renovations for this. However you can use the Coober Pedy School pool which is lovely, large & great for families with a paddling pool or for laps. Ask reception for the hours of operation.

In the past we have had people take extremely long showers or leave showers running, so it's mainly for the time the 20c coin gives which is two minutes, you can put 2-3 coins in at a time. You aren't actually paying for the shower as such. Our water is from the artisan basin 25km from town - it is then desalinated in town so this also increases the costs we pay for water as a business. Conservation of water is a sustainable strategy. You will notice we have solar hot water in our amenities block also.

Approximately 1km or 10-15min walk.

We sure do!

All the fuel stations are competitive, it's best to shop around.

Coober Pedy has a variety of food places to dine, including cafes, an underground restaurant, Chinese, Fine dining, Pub food & takeaways.

We do, but their owners need to follow the basic hygiene guidelines that go along with owning a pet and respect other guest's personal spaces.

NO, sorry this is strictly not allowed, fires create much smoke which can enter into other guests caravan/spaces unwantedly.

Yes. Stuart Range Tours run a Town and Breakaway tour daily in the high season (April-October). Our afternoon tour runs from 1pm-6pm and takes you to the underground attractions, dingo fence, moon plains the Breakaways, underground Serbian Church and mine and museum. These can be booked at reception and depart from reception also. Book promptly upon check-in to avoid disappointment. You will also receive a 10% discount on pizza.

  • How about Noodling! Noodling is looking for opal without the use of any tools; this is done in the town at an area aptly called the Jewellers Shop. Kick around, dig, and look out for anything that glistens, the dirt has been brought in from the opal fields, so you never know your luck. This is also free.
  • Take a look at the many underground attractions including churches, book shop, and opal & souvenir shops.
  • Crocodile Harry's ( The real Croc Dundees' home has become a shrine of eccentricities).
  • Faye's underground house.
  • Use Coober Pedy as a base and do the loop to William Creek & Oodnadatta, marvel at the spectacular scenery of the painted hills and desert or take a flight over Lake Eyre.
  • Have a coffee and a waffle at the BIG WINCH with a great view over the town.
  • Watch a movie at the drive in open air cinema, one of only two left in SA, it operates every fortnight in the high season, see poster in reception for movie times.

Where the Breakaways are now was an inland sea millions of years ago, it was later a part of the Stuart Ranges that "Broke-away". Some describe it as a mini canyon with low lying hills and striking colours of the earth. It has expansive views of the beautiful desert. A must see while staying in Coober Pedy. Located only 32km North of Coober Pedy, you can drive the loop and pass the Dog fence, moon plains, and the locally known "Salt & Pepper" land formation. Jump on our bus tour and learn the history.

Many films have been shot at this location including Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Ground Zero.

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